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  • Sifu is at the US Capitol Building to receive a proclamation.

    A native Washingtonian, Abdur-Rahim Muhammad was raised in Boston's Roxbury section which he proudly refers to as his other home. He is a graduate of Hampton University and the University of the District of Columbia. Muhammad began his Martial Arts training in 1970 and continues to teach in the traditional manner so highly emphasized by all his instructors with the motto, "learn kindness, learn justice and then learn Kung Fu." SiFu (which means teacher/father) Muhammad has trained and led teams to compete in tournaments throughout Asia. In 1995, he founded the Hung Tao Choy Mei Leadership Institute on historic U Street in Northwest Washington, D.C.

    National Zoo Panda Naming Ceremony , Nuri Balances On SiFu , SiFu Backstage at the Weinberg Center

  • SiFu Ken with the Big Dragon

    SiFu Ken started his martial arts training in New England in the 1970s with Karate. At the end of that decade he studied Aikido in Providence, with a Sensei from Cambridge, MA. He is a graduate of Oberlin College where he continued with Aikido, and Indiana University where he had the chance to study Jujitsu for a short time. Ken has worked in the public and private sectors, and now prefers the challenge of consulting and small business. Ken has been with Hung Tao Choy Mei for over twenty years. He is lucky to have traveled overseas with HTCMLI several times. He teaches adults and children and is active with the Lion and Dragon dance teams.

    Ken and Doris Get Up , Stance Training , SiFu Ken on Cymbals

  • Samer

    Samer is a life-long student of the martial arts with experience spanning multiple decades. He has studied Jow Ga since the 1980s. Samer is an engineer and brings his talents to small aircraft construction, running his own firm, and giving back to the community through a robust model rocketry program in the DMV region.

    Samer spear , Samer rocket , Samer form

  • Alisa

    Alisa Johnson is a legal editor with a major US news agency. Alisa has been with the Hung Tao Choy Mei Leadership Institute since its inception.

    Alisa on the meadow , Alisa, Rahim and Rita , Alisa and horse

  • D. Martin

    Donald Martin served with the DC Fire Department for 31 years. Now a retired Battalion Fire Chief, Donald helps new and old HTCMLI students keep in shape with a no-nonsense teaching style that keeps an eye out for fresh applications.