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Dragonz Rizing

Dragonz Rizing by Sifu Rahim Muhammad is the story of one man’s journey towards finding his purpose.

A native Washingtonian, Abdur-Rahim Muhammad was raised in Boston's Roxbury section which he proudly refers to as his other home, and where he attended Boston English High School. He is a graduate of Hampton University and the University of the District of Columbia. Muhammad began his Martial Arts training in 1970 and continues to teach in the traditional manner so highly emphasized by all his instructors with the motto, "learn kindness, learn justice and then learn kung fu." Sifu (which means teacher/father) Muhammad has trained and led teams to compete in tournaments throughout Asia. In 1995, he founded the Hung Tao Choy Mei Leadership Institute on historic U Street in Northwest Washington, D.C., living his purpose during a time when the streets were littered with drugs and crime.


Dragonz Rizing by Abdur-Rahim Muhammad